The washing machine eats socks

The washing machine eats socks: myth or not?

Once upon a time there was a big white device, mean and determined to devour your valuables. And not just your stuff, no, especially the stuff you need two of, namely your socks. Who does not know it, you are folding all your wonderfully smelling clean laundry and damn it, you are missing a sock! Does your dog sneak them out of the laundry basket, does the washing machine actually eat them or do those missing socks hang in other items of clothing? In short: where are they?

If you have ruled out that the dog is interested in stinky socks and you know that your other clothing is also sock free, a conclusion remains. Indeed that big white device eats them up! Ok, that sounds very dramatic.. In fact, it's pretty simple and innocent.

Each front loading washing machine has a door. This door is properly closed with a cuff. Certainly if the rubber is already slightly worn out, socks (and sometimes other small items of clothing) tend to get stuck in the rubber. When the drum of the washing machine rotates a few more times, the sock disappears between the drum and the tub. When the washing drum is turned, in most cases the missing sock wears away into small pieces, after which they are washed away with water.

If you find yourself missing a sock, take a look in the washing machine. With luck, the sock is still lying in the drum. Otherwise you can very carefully pull the cuff a little bit. If you see a piece of clothing you can try to pull it out carefully with your hand or a little hook. As you pull it, move the drum of the washing machine back and forth a little.

You can use laundry bags to prevent small items of laundry from disappearing into your washing machine. Put all your small items together in a bag, so that they no longer disappear in the machine or in other items of clothing. It also helps while sorting laundry since all socks are already together.

If your cuff really needs to be replaced, or if an item of clothing has really gotten stuck so that the drum can no longer rotate, contact Homie. We will help you as well as possible.