Why spend money on buying?
Just pay per use with Homie

Homie provides insights in your washing behaviour
and helps you spend less on washing

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With Homie you pay per wash

And programmes that use less energy are cheaper.

Select a programme
20 °C
30 °C
40 °C
60 °C
90 °C
Eco-Mode can only be used at 40 ° and 60 °
0,70 per wash
  • incl machine
  • incl delivery
  • incl repairs

With Homie you pay per dry

And programmes that use less energy are cheaper.

Select a program
   Iron dry   
 Closet dry 
Strong dry
Extra dry
The eco-program is intended to make cotton clothing closet-dry, with maximum energy saving.
1,00 per use
  • incl. machine
  • incl. installation
  • incl. maintenance

The dishwasher can be ordered from autumn 2020

How it works


Order your washing machine or dryer on our website.


Homie delivers and connects your appliances at your home for free.


Start washing or drying, worry-free. 


We offer real-time insights into your usage and we stimulate using less.

Our promise

No unneccary expenditures

No more need to buy a machine with Homie. You just pay based on your actual usage. And we take care of any repair costs. 
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We aim to make laundry easy & fun

Laundry and fun? Mwah. It is just part of life. But we believe we can make it easier and more fun.
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Homie aims for a cleaner world

Homie is working towards a more sustainable future, and a circular solution to washing.
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