Rent a washing machine

Pay-Per-Use Home Appliances

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Rent a Washing Machine

Need a new washing machine?

Don't buy it, just pay per wash!

Pay per use


With our pay-per-use concept you only
pay each time you run a wash!
There are no subscription fees
or hidden costs you have to pay.



We only offer high-quality machines,
and offer free repairs or replacement
when necessary.
So you will always have a working machine,
and no unexpected costs.

energy-efficient washing machines


Our washing machines are very
energy-efficient (A+++ rating), and
by analysing your washing data we
offer advice on how to save costs
and the environment.


We are Homie, an innovative spin-off from the TU Delft that operates at the forefront of the circular economy by proposing, developing and testing new circular business models with consumers that reduce our need for ‘stuff’ and helps us reduce our environmental impact in the home significantly. Homie wants to significantly reduce the environmental impact of domestic appliances, by moving from “ownership” to “Pay-Per-Use”.

Washing machines are only the start, and Homie aims to roll out its vision of “less stuff, more happiness” to all appliances in the home through an innovative platform approach.


Homie offers high-quality home appliances without the usual upfront costs. We come and install your appliance for free, and we provide free servicing in case any of your Homie appliances need to be repaired or replaced.

With Pay-Per-Use, you just pay us with each wash. So no more paying fixed monthly fees, even when you're on holiday. Instead, you only pay a fee when you actually use the appliance.


To make our Pay-Per-Use service possible, a digital tracker is built into our appliances. This built-in tracker automatically sends the information to our Homie database, providing us with accurate and up-to-date information about your use, which allows us to calculate the fee for your use of the appliance.

Based on your user data, we will provide you with personalised tips and tricks to become more environmental-friendly, and help you save more money by lowering your water and electricity usage.


Circularity is at the heart of what we do. This means we do not just aim to make you use our products more sustainable, but we also repair and reuse our products when you no longer need them. This will help significantly lengthen their lifespan, and lower the waste of materials and energy when they would have otherwise been thrown away.