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Subscription on household appliances

Effortless. Flexible. Sustainable.
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from 6+ months

  • Free moving and transfer
  • Delivery within 1 till 5 working days
  • App with insights

About Homie

Household appliances and products as a service

Homie provides you with energy-efficient household appliances and you pay for the use, not for the possession. Homie users wash up to 25% more energy efficient. We do it differently. Flexible and sustainable. Check out our brand video.

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Carefree washing

Laundry and fun? Mwah. Yet we make it a little more fun. In addition to our subscriptions that allow you unlimited washing, Homie also offers a pay-per-use subscription.
With our pay-per-use subscription, you choose the Homie pay-per-use washing machine and pay per wash..
The more energy-efficient the program, the lower the price. In your Homie app and account we provide insights in your usage.

  • No purchase costs or concerns about maintenance.
  • Full service including delivery, connection and repairs.
  • Flexible 6+ months subscription.
  • Free moving service and appliance transfer to new user.
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We move with you

Homie is for everyone and moves along with you. Whether you are living alone or together, are a student, retired, or have a family of four. Within our subscriptions we take into account different users and their needs. You have a free choice in products and duration. From 6+ months. When you choose a 3+ years or a 5+ years subscription, you pay a lower monthly fee. We move your Homie to your new home or transfer it to a new tenant or housemate free of charge.

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Homie aims for a cleaner world

Sustainability is a catch-all term in business nowadays, but at Homie it is in our DNA. Homie Pay-Per-Use originated from academic research into sustainable business models. The delivery of a sustainable appliance is only the beginning of our impact. Via Pay-Per-Use we stimulate and reward energy-efficient washing behavior during the use phase.

About Pay-Per-Use
Animation sustainable washing behavior

Why Homie

Effortless, flexible & sustainable

No frills or fine print at Homie. We have clear prices and offer free choice in subscription duration, from 6 months. You pay for the usage, we take care of the rest. Homie is the friend you can count on. Why would you look any further?

Why Homie instead of buying or leasing:

Flexible subscription
Choose from 6+ months, 3+ years or 5+ years.
No more repair costs
More than 50% of the washing machines exhibit defects within 5 years.
No purchase or unnecessary expenditures
Save your money for other fun things.
Reducing waste
Homie users who choose for a pay-per-use subscription have insights in consumption and are therefore more aware of their washing behaviour. They save up to 25% in water and energy consumption.
How it works

1. Order online

Order your product and subscription online.

2. Homie delivers

We deliver throughout the Netherlands and connect everything for free within 1 till 5 working days.

3. Start

Start using.

4. Get insights

We offer insights into your transactions and we encourage sustainable usage.

Our customers

What others say about Homie

Anastasia Safargalieva
06 June, 2023

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Very good but waiting time was longer than I expected

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5 out of 5

Ari Kolesnikova
05 June, 2023

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So far so good

Would you recommend this Homie?

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4.5 out of 5

Jared Hallewell
04 June, 2023

Describe your experience with Homie here

Would you recommend this Homie?

Rating (in stars)
4 out of 5

02 June, 2023

Describe your experience with Homie here

Would you recommend this Homie?

Rating (in stars)
4.5 out of 5

Our customers rate us with an average 4.6 out of 5.

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Effortless. Flexible. Sustainable.

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