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Within one working day at home

Rent a washing machine in The Netherlands

Are you moving to The Netherlands and are you looking for a flexible washing solution? Rent a washing machine, heat pump dryer or washing and drying combination at Homie. Delivered and connected by our enthousiastic Homie team. Fast one-day delivery in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag en Leiden.




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Washing machine rent, lease or subscription

At Homie we do it differently compared to when you rent or lease a washing machine or dryer. With our washing machines and dryers you pay per use in combination with a monthly washing credit. The more energy-efficient the program, the lower the price. In your Homie app and account we provide insights in your usage.

  • No purchase costs or concerns about maintenance.
  • Full service including delivery, connection and repairs.
  • Can be canceled monthly after 6 months
  • Free moving and appliance transfer


Why a washing machine at Homie?

Flexible contract
Short 6+ months duration.
Delivered within one till three working day
In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Leiden en Den Haag.
Free delivery and connection
By our own enthousiastic Homie team.
Free moving and appliance transfer
For when you abroad.
Stay in control with the Homie app
Manage your transactions and washes


We move along

The Dutch housing market is getting tighter. Housing is scarce, prices are rising and we are staying in one place for a shorter period of time. We want to remain flexible and therefore the demand for products as a service rather than buying is increasing. Moreover, we can imagine that Expats that arrive in the Netherlands and live here for a certain period of time do not wish to purchase all household products. Homie moves along with you. You can cancel your contract monthly after 6 months of use. We move your Homie to your new home or transfer it to a new tenant or housemate. free of charge.



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Do you need more advice?