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How it works

You pay for use, Homie takes care of the rest.

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Homie provides you with an appliance and you pay monthly for the use of it.

  • Free reparation
  • Free moving
  • Free recycling for your old appliance

Homie offers multiple choices in subscription types and duration.

Fixed subscription

6+ month, 3+ year or 5+ years subscription, unlimited use for a fixed amount per month.

If you choose for unlimited use, you can choose from all Homie devices.

Pay Per Use subscription

6+ months pay-per-use subscription,
With our pay-per-use subscription, we encourage and reward energy-efficient washing behaviour among our users. Energy-efficient programmes are cheaper than less efficient ones.
The Homie app gives insight into your washing behaviour. This makes Homie different from when you rent or lease a washing machine.
If you opt for pay-per-use, then you choose the Homie Pay-Per-Use washing machine.


Order Homie

Choose the products you need and subscription which suits you.

Order your subscription online.

We will contact you directly.

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Our delivery

We offer delivery within 5 working days. We choose the most sustainable route, take back your old appliance and make sure that it gets recycled. We will always deliver, even if we have to climb a few stairs!

Connecting your Homie

We connect your appliance at the desired place. With a pay-per-use subscription, we connect your washer to your WiFi network or mobile hotspot. This way you can view your usage online.

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Ready for use

Once installed, you can start using your appliance.With our 6+ months pay-per-use subscription you pay per wash and with the other subscriptions a fixed price per month. View our products here.

You are in control

If you opt for a pay-per-use subscription in washing and drying, you pay per wash and you have insight into your usage. You can see an overview of your usage history and transactions in your web account and with the optional Homie app. The other products and subscriptions have a fixed monthly price. All transactions are paid and processed by means of direct debit via our payment provider KUARIO.

Animation sustainable washing behavior

Sustainable is cheaper

With a pay-per-use subscription, we stimulate lowering your energy usage whilst saving you money. Win-win. Sustainable programmes cost less. Win-win. You can contribute to sustainability effortlessly on a daily basis. Wash even more sustainably? You can order eco-friendy (dish)washing detergent along with an appliance. You will find the products under ‘extra’s’ on the product pages.


No worries

Homie offers a carefree service and moves along with you. We replace a broken appliance within three working days free of charge. Are you going to relocate within the Netherlands? We move your Homie for you. Do you no longer need Homie? Then we can pick-up your Homie after the minimum term. Be more sustainable and save potential pick-up costs? You can always transfer your appliance to a new resident or roommate for free. We then cancel your subscription free of charge. Taking over your appliance after a while is also possible. You can contact us for machine transfers and takeovers.

Meet the Homies

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Do you need advice?