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Expats need to arrange a lot when they move to the Netherlands. Homie provides household appliances and products as a service in combination with a flexible subscription from 6+ months, which can afterwards be canceled monthly. You pay for the use of the appliance, we take care of the rest. May we help you settle in The Netherlands? Discover what Homie can do for you.

40% of our Homie users is Expat.
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Effortless and flexible

Our service

At Homie you can rent a washing machine, heat pump dryer, washing and drying combination, dishwasher or a fridge. You pay for the use of your appliance(s), without unnecessary investments. Homie ensures free delivery and installation throughout the Netherlands. If you relocate within the Netherlands, we can move your Homie to your new place for free. You can always transfer your appliance to a new tenant or housemate. The new user easily places an order online and we cancel your subscription free of charge.

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With our 6+ months subscription for washing and drying you pay per use. Our flexible Pay-Per-Use subscription is suitable for expats and small households. We encourage you to wash sustainably. Energy-efficient programs are cheaper than energy-inefficient programs. We provide you with insights in your consumption through the Homie-app. The app also facilitates automatic payments through international credit card Visa and Mastercard. This concept makes Homie different than other appliance rentals and leasing companies in the Netherlands.

Why Expats choose Homie:

Flexible subscription from 6+ months
Afterwards can be canceled monthly.
No unnecessary purchase costs
You pay for use, we take care of the rest.
Full service
Free delivery, installation, repairs and moving service.
Order all appliances and products you need at once.
We deliver and install all in one stop.
We deliver everywhere throughout the Netherlands
Also in big cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Maastricht

Sustainable household

Homie living

We can imagine that you would rather not purchase all household products when living in the Netherlands for a certain period of time. Together with our appliances you can order sustainable living products as a service for a fixed monthly price. You can choose from a vacuum cleaner, laundry bin, iron with ironing board and a trash separating bin. A one-stop-shop for your household. Flexible and sustainable.

More about living

Completely carefree

Sustainable detergent

Every sustainable wash needs a sustainable detergent. We offer ecological products from Marcel’s Green Soap along with our appliances. Start washing immediately with one bottle or be complety carefree with the 6-months detergent package. Are you moving into a new home or moving to The Netherlands for the first time? We can imagine like no other how much this involves. The Marcel’s Green Soap Welcome Package helps you to make your new house tidy and neat in no-time. The package contains eight products, including various ecological cleaning products, but also a bottle of laundry detergent! You will find the products of Marcel’s Green Soap under ‘extras’ on the product pages in the shop.


Buildings and partners

There are several buildings in The Netherlands where especially Expats live and Homie appliances are in use. When you move to a building, make sure to check out if there is already a Homie present. Collectively with our users we think about sustainable solutions. Present Homie appliances can easily be transferred to a new tenant or roommate. You can contact Homie about this transfer. Furthermore, we collaborate with partners such as residential service provider The Cohesion Cobana in Rotterdam, student housing SHS building in Delft, governmental organization Holland Expat Center South and more.

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Quotes from Expats

What they say about Homie

Anastasia Safargalieva
06 June, 2023

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Very good but waiting time was longer than I expected

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5 out of 5

Ari Kolesnikova
05 June, 2023

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So far so good

Would you recommend this Homie?

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4.5 out of 5

Jared Hallewell
04 June, 2023

Describe your experience with Homie here

Would you recommend this Homie?

Rating (in stars)
4 out of 5

02 June, 2023

Describe your experience with Homie here

Would you recommend this Homie?

Rating (in stars)
4.5 out of 5

Our customers rate us with an average 4.6 out of 5.

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