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Introducing shared-use: sustainable, convenient, and cost-effective.

We are on the verge of a new era of living, where sharing space and amenities takes center stage. In a world evolving towards the sharing economy, shared facilities like the ‘Homie Laundry Lounge’ will carve out a special place in the future of living.

Homie Laundry Lounge

A unique offering: The Homie Laundry Lounge

A shared laundry room.

A shared laundry room with professional equipment that allows residents to save space in their homes and have the opportunity to make new connections. The Homie Laundry Lounge is a tailor-made solution for your real estate project(s). From small to large spaces. We take care of everything, as we handle the complete service. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Count the benefits

Cost savings
Save on initial investments and operational costs. Homie Laundry Lounge offers high-quality washing and drying machines for shared use. You provide the space, we take care of the rest.
Professionalism & Maintenance-free or time-consuming contact
Homie guarantees a well-maintained appearance, making your properties more attractive to tenants. We take care of everything. We handle all maintenance and maintain contact with the residents without it being time-consuming.
Sustainable living together
Sharing washing machines and dryers contributes to a sustainable future. Fewer appliances mean less energy consumption and a smaller ecological footprint.

Society in change.

Meeting place

The Laundry Lounge is not just a laundry room, but also a meeting place. It promotes interaction, strengthens social cohesion within the apartment complex, and creates a sense of community.


Residents only pay for what they use. This provides a flexible and fair solution, without unnecessary costs.

Homie Laundry Lounge

How does it work?

Our tailor-made solution offers endless possibilities. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your needs and requirements to find a suitable solution. Curious? Feel free to contact Maurice at:

The steps

We analyze your needs and advise the best solution for your real estate.
Homie Laundry Lounge is integrated into the properties with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.
Users enjoy high-quality laundry equipment and only pay for usage.
Transparent billing according to your preferences; Pay-Per-Use costs can be settled with the organization, included in the rent, or billed directly to the resident.

Professional equipment.

Homie offers professional sustainable washing and drying appliances suitable for communal use. The sharing economy is a concept that has existed for centuries. With modern technology, we can facilitate the sharing of, for example, washing machines in a smart way and on a large scale. Through a QR code on our machines, every resident or passerby can easily pay for a laundry cycle. For example, via iDeal or with your Homie account.

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Discover how the Homie Laundry Lounge can work.

Interested? Feel free to contact us.

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Homie Laundry Lounge

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Do you need advice?