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For Whom and Why

About Homie Business

Homie provides white goods and we encourage energy-efficient laundry behavior. For the business market, we offer Pay-Per-Use solutions per dwelling and facilitate Shared Use for communal use of household appliances. Additionally, we offer household appliance equipment for a fixed monthly price. Our services are suitable for rental organizations and agents, property owners, housing associations, contractors, and developers.

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For Buildings

1. Shared Use

Homes are becoming smaller due to a growing housing shortage and the ambition for sustainability. Homie started with a Pay-Per-Use concept for consumers to encourage sustainable use of household appliances. For complexes and buildings, Homie facilitates Shared Use laundry facilities for common areas. A full-service concept where we assess the situation, set up the space, and then settle payments with residents on a Pay-Per-Use basis. Homie provides peace of mind for both owners and residents. Additionally, we contribute to circularity. Sharing professional Homie appliances is better for the environment because fewer devices and thus fewer resources are needed.

pay per use zakelijk voor verduurzaming van woningen

Per Dwelling

2. Household machines

Homie offers various solutions for individual use. Here, we provide devices per dwelling. Both the organization, landlord and the resident themselves can register with Homie. Thus, Pay-Per-Use costs can be settled with the organization, passed on in the rent or settled directly with the resident.

shared use gemeenschappelijk gebruik van witgoed apparatuur

Scan the QR code, pay, and start your laundry

3. Professional washing and drying machines

Homie offers professional sustainable washing and drying appliances suitable for communal use. The sharing economy is a concept that has existed for centuries. With modern technology, we can facilitate the sharing of, for example, washing machines in a smart way and on a large scale. Through a QR code on our machines, every resident or passerby can easily pay for a laundry cycle. For example, via iDeal or with your Homie account.

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Why Homie

Effortless, Sustainable & Pay-Per-Use

Homie takes the burden off residents and owners. We provide household appliances without investment and take care of delivery, installation, and service. Homie contributes to the sustainability of organizations. With our Pay-Per-Use model, we reduce the purchase of new machines and influence sustainable laundry behavior in the usage phase.

Benefits of Homie Business

Household appliances without investment
Peace of mind for tenants and landlords
Payment based on usage
Sustainability with Pay-Per-Use and Shared Use
Insight into usage

Curious about the business solution we can offer you? Feel free to contact us.

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Do you need advice?