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Is it possible to influence the energy consumption of refrigerators?
Homie does research.

Currently Homie is using their Pay-Per-Use model on washing machines. Customers do not pay for the purchase and maintenance of the device, but per use. With this research, Homie wants to test whether consumers can also use refrigerators with a similar payment model.

Delft, 1 February 2019 - Homie Pay-Per-Use, the innovative start-up that focusses on proposing, developing and testing new circular business models to reduce the environmental impact of white goods in households, starts a new study. The research must show whether the energy consumption of refrigerators can be reduced by the users through economical use.

Homie uses the pay-per-use model for washing machines. A cold wash is cheaper than a hot wash. Research shows that customers of Homie wash on average twenty-five percent less since becoming a customer. This is because customers are made more aware of the number of washes they run and the economy of different washing programs. Stimulating sustainable use is one of Homie's main goals.

Homie is currently running a pilot that includes a number of fridges in addition to washing machines. To be able to use the refrigerators, customers pay a fixed amount per month. This does not entirely fit in with Homie's business model, because it does not respond to sustainable use. This is why Homie is now investigating new possibilities.

On different refrigerators Homie has placed smart meter. These fridges are used by students living in an apartment of Stichting Herontwikkeling tot Studentenhuisvesting (SHS) Delft. SHS Delft is a foundation that is managed full-time by students from TU Delft. They focus on the combination of two problems: the vacancy within real estate and the high demand for affordable student rooms. Sustainability is an important aspect here. They work with Homie for a sustainable solution for white goods. From the first of February 2019, Homie will measure the energy use of the fridges. They will do this for a period of three months.

Job de Vogel, Secretary SHS Delft: "SHS Delft believes it is important that new innovations such as Homie's refrigerator can be tested The pilot in Abtswoude Bloeit can be used in the future to make other projects more sustainable".

The users of the refrigerators will try to keep the energy consumption as low as possible. This can be done by, for example, filling the refrigerator well, not keeping the refrigerator door open for too long and not putting hot products in the refrigerator. There will be evaluation interviews with the users. In this way it becomes clear what has been tried to reduce the energy consumption. The users of the fridge with the least energy consumption will win a prize.

Thom van Rooijen, participant in the fridge competition: "Nice to participate in such a project, it's good for the world."

About Homie Pay-Per-Use:

Homie is founded in 2016 by Nancy Bocken, Hidde-Jan Lemstra and Colin Bom. It is a spin-off company from Delft University of Technology and is the only company in the world to offer "Pay-Per Use" washing power. Homie does so by taking care of everything around installation and maintenance of washing machines. This removes the need to purchase appliances, and Homie’s customers always have access to high-quality, energy efficient appliances. In addition to the washing machines and refrigerators, Homie will expand the range with white goods such as dryers and dishwashers.

Colin Bom (CEO van Homie), Bianca Rijneveen (participant), Puck Meijer (participant), Anneloes Tilman (president SHS Delft), Thom van Rooijen (participant)

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