Homie, the company behind Pay-Per-Use white goods, is expanding towards Amsterdam.

Sustainable washing power Homie Pay-Per-Use available for more consumers.

Delft, 7 February 2019 - Homie Pay-Per-Use, the innovative start-up that lets consumers pay per wash, is expanding. This February, the company welcomed Electronic Logistics as a new external supplier. As a result, the Homie washing machines are now also available to consumers in and around Amsterdam.

Homie Pay-Per-Use delivers washing power: customers do not buy the washing machine, nor do they have to pay for maintenance; instead they only pay per finished washing cycle. A cold wash is cheaper than a hot wash. Research shows that customers of Homie wash on average twenty-five percent less since becoming a customer. Great news for the environment and for our customers wallets!

Homie Pay-Per-Use was founded in 2016 by Nancy Bocken, Hidde-Jan Lemstra and Colin Bom. It is a spin-off from Delft University of Technology. TU Delft were the first investers in the company through Delft Enterprises. Paul Althuis, director of Delft Enterprises: “By combining technology with new business models, Homie has managed to build a first group of customers in a very short timeframe."

Homie Pay-Per-Use is currently active in Rotterdam, Leiden, Delft and The Hague. Thanks to the collaboration with Electronic Logistics, Homie will now be able to provide residents in and around Amsterdam with Pay-Per-Use washing machines.

Ria de Greef, marketing director of Electronic Logistics: "Electroninc logistics wants to commit to a better environment. The new way of washing, drying and cooling, which has been set up by Homie, will reduce CO2 emissions. Together we can make a difference."

Homie wants to fundamentally change the global appliances sector, with a keen eye on sustainability. They have therefore developed a Pay-Per-Use model, allowing Dutch households to get access to a new, energy-efficient washing machine without big investing. This leads to more conscious washing behaviour by our customers. Furthermore they focus on the shared use, reuse and repair of washing machines, resulting in fewer machines being produced and less waste.

Colin Bom, CEO of Homie Pay-Per-Use: "Thanks to our collaboration with Electronic Logistics, we can make Homie Pay-Per-Use available for even more households. Electronic Logistics has years of experience with the delivery and installation of white goods. This is ideal for us now that we are further scaling up our concept in the Netherlands."

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