Never to a laundrette again!

Never to a laundrette again!

Dutch people are economical do-it-yourselfers, even when it comes to laundry. Cramming your clothes in a laundry bag and dragging along the street towards a launderette sounds quite old-fashioned. Just like the interior of many laundromats, washing outside the door is a little bit of the 70s.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the number of customers decreases. Many launderettes closed the doors. As a result, customers often had to travel further to a laundry salon. And so the number of customers decreased even further.

Laundries which remained open became more and more focused on business customers. For example, restaurants with many tablecloths / tea towels / aprons. These business customers expect good service. For example, they will no longer put the laundry in a washing machine, dry it and fold it by themselves anymore.

Partly because of this, laundries have started to offer more and more services and the self-service principle has been diluted almost everywhere. More service equals higher prices, so the prices of laundry salons have increased. Even more private customers switch to their own washing machine.

However since a few years there has been a turning point for laundrettes. The Dutch attach less value to property and find it okay to share a machine with others. Only "having to leave the house with your dirty underpants" remains a tricky thing.

Homie Pay-Per-Use is therefore an ideal solution. Pay for using instead of paying for the washing machine. No need to go outside with your dirty laundry and quick repair or replacement of the device in case of defects.