student washing machine

Independent student living on your own? Washing at your parents is no longer an option!

Mature and independent, yes you are!
You live on your own, you go to enough parties, you secretly eat in bed and you do your laundry nicely. At least from now on, because you really can't go towards your parents with dirty laundry anymore.

And you have to admit, it's also very inconvenient to have to go to your parents with a heavy bag or suitcase. In addition to your own convenience, your parents will also be pleasantly surprised if you come to them in clean (not discoloured) clothes without that large pile of laundry. That is why we have an emergency wash course for you.

Step 1:
Collect all your dirty laundry and sort it by colour. It is important to separate light and dark laundry. It is also good to wash red clothes and fragile fabrics separately from the rest. When you have sorted everything, see if it is enough for a full wash.

* Even easier is of course to throw dirty laundry in the laundry basket immediately after taking it off.
*And even easier, sort your dirty laundry immediately after taking it off, so you know immediately how much laundry you have per colour.

Step 2:
Now that everything is sorted, you can put the laundry in the washing machine. It is useful to switch on the washing machine just before you leave your house. This way you will not be bothered by the noise of the washing machine and it will be ready when you return. If you are not bothered by the noise, you can also switch on the washing machine before you go to sleep.
Pay attention, because if the laundry has been in the washing machine for too long while it is already ready, it can stink. However, a few hours is not a problem.

Step 3:
Choose a suitable washing program. There are often many different washing programs. Don't let this put you off! If your laundry is very dirty, choose a long program. Do you just want to freshen up the laundry a little? Then choose a short program. The same goes for the temperature, often a cold wash is enough to clean your clothes. If clothing is really dirty, choose 30 or 40 degrees.
If you have doubts about what is or is not allowed with some clothes, look at the washing label.

washing programs



Step 4:
Add laundry detergent depending on the colour of the wash. For example, there is detergent for white laundry, for coloured laundry and for dark laundry. What you naturally want is that the laundry smells just as nice as at your parents' home, we understand that. But many people use too much detergent, this is really not necessary. Look on the packaging to see how much detergent has to be put in the washing machine.

Step 5:
Are you unable to solve it yourself? Just call your mother for tips. And if you really have a dramatic stain from, for example, the much-needed-morning-coffee or the chic-red-wine-drinking-evening, I am sure that you are allowed to bring it to your parents for once!