Start living more sustainable in a simple and easy way.

Tree-hugging, raw vegan food, jute clothing and living in a self-made hut in nature. This is not for everyone, but living more sustainable is! Homie customers are already well on their way, as white goods provide 28 million tonnes of waste every year. By using a Homie washing machine you know that you use a good and energy-efficient device that is repaired instead of being thrown away if it breaks. When you stop using the device Homie pick it up and it will be passed on to another customer. As a Homie customer, you contribute to a circular sustainable economy without having to compromise on the quality of your life. In addition to using a Homie washing machine, there are many other things you can do to contribute.

When it comes to nutrition and sustainability, They always tell you to eat less meat. While this is of course true there are more things you can do. For example, you can buy seasonal and local products. This saves a lot in terms of transport and is therefore a lot better for the environment. 

Another simple tip is to use lids. When cooking food such as vegetables, pasta or potatoes, you have to put the lid on the pan. It takes very little effort, but the heat stays in the pan. Because of this the water boils faster and you can then lower the heat while cooking. Saves both energy and money.

Instead of using disposable plastic cups, plates or straws, start using a more sustainable variant. Take along plates that you can reuse or buy plates and cups made of cardboard. Regarding straws: do you not like those getting soggy paper straws? Then try glass or stainless steel straws! Durable and really stylish.

At Home

At home there are many things that you can do to live a more sustainable life. Choose ecological cleaning products from now on. These are much less damaging to the environment because they are biodegradable.

Replace your lamps with LED lamps. Nowadays you no longer notice any difference with the “ordinary” lamps and they last a very long time (so less often you will have to take the ladder to replace them).

Do you throw the brochures and door-to-door magazines unread in the trash every week? Then I have two easy tips for you. Time for a paper recycling bin and a no/no sticker on your letterbox.

Of course we advise everyone to take a short and cold shower. But if you are one of those long showering people who just cannot stop doing it, then I recommend that you purchase a water-saving shower head.

One last small but efficient tip for at home (or outdoors). To save water, use the small pull-through button instead of the large button if you just peed.

Not at Home
Take the train a little more often instead of the car. Nowadays the Dutch Railways only use green energy and because you are not bothered by traffic jams, the train is sometimes even faster than the car. Another advantage: you can read a book or do some work in the train, this is not possible while driving yourself. Do you take this tip to heart or do you already regularly take the train? Then download the NS app. In this way you will never need a paper ticket again. 

From now on, give people only useful gifts or "do" gifts when it is their birthday for example. This makes everyone happier and it does not end up in the trash unused.

Definitely go to Google for more tips, because there are hundreds of them! Now you can find out for yourself which tips you want to implement and which are feasible for you. Goodluck.