House-keeping peace of mind.

Everyone has to do it and we all sometimes postpone it: the household chores. Endless cleaning, tidying, washing and ironing, there are much nicer things to do. However, postponing the chores is not wise. Because a messy house causes a mess in your head. Doing household chores can also have a calming effect, because you are focused on one thing and have no time to think about everything else. Here are some household chores which will help you becoming relaxed.

Do you remember from the past when you were mesmerized staring at the washing machine? The wash that turned round after round after round. You sat in front of the washing machine staring into the glass door without any sense of time. Try doing this again. Fill the washing machine with laundry and turn on the washing. Watch as water flows into the machine and the washing starts to run. Watch the washing machine turn from left to right and watch how fast the machine spins. Try not to think about anything else, but just look quietly through the door again, just like in the old days.


Although not everyone has the same green fingers, gardening is one of those household chores that many people don't mind doing every now and then. So take a few hours off and get started. It doesn't matter if this is in your garden, on your balcony or just indoors. Plants and flowers are beautiful everywhere. Do you already have plants? Make sure they have enough water and prune them if necessary. Remove weeds from your garden, from your balcony and / or at your front door. Then it's time for new plants. Not just plants, but plants that are extra soothing.

For example, buy a mint plant. Because when you smell the plant, your frustration level decreases and your alertness increases. The plant also ensures that the happiness hormone serotonin is produced. A nice plant that is easy to maintain. Another advantage: the plant grows quickly, so you can regularly pick a few sprigs for fresh mint tea.

Italians have known for years that Basil is delicious in the food. But the plant has many more functions! Basil contains the substance linalool and this has a relaxing effect.
Another wonder plant is Aloe Vera. This plant releases oxygen at night, making it easier and better to sleep. When you get the hang of gardening, you can start cutting this plant. It is super easy and you will have many Aloe Vera plants in no time.

Mopping, sweeping or swiffering
For people with a carpet, do not read this and go straight forward to the heading about cooking. Do you have laminate flooring, tiles, sail or a parquet floor? Grab your mop, broom or swiffer and go for a leisurely stroll through your house. For example, start in the middle of the room and walk in slow circles toward your walls. You can also start at the back of the house and work slowly towards the front. Do this at a leisurely relaxed pace and absorb all the corners and cracks in your house.


Cooking can cause stress. What food do I have left in the house? Am I not making too much? Or too little? Is it healthy enough? Are all hot components ready at the same time? And so on. Try to make it fun for yourself and, for example, make a delicious dinner salad.
Look into your closets to find food and try to get rid of leftovers. For example, you can bake croutons from stale bread and you can cut small cubes from a last piece of cheese. Make sure you don't throw everything directly together in one bowl. For instance, croutons quickly become soft and soggy and so they are no longer tasty the next day if you have made too much salad. Now for the salad: wash the lettuce and cut things you like such as tomato, cucumber, carrot, pickles, peppers or olives. Mix herbs with products such as vinegar, olive oil, mustard, honey or yogurt to make a delicious dressing.
Finally you can, if desired, bake chicken, bacon or tofu to make the salad a little more special.


It depends on how you are doing it yourself, but with the right attitude, doing household chores is soothing. Another advantage is the feeling you have after you have done something about the household. You feel proud of yourself. Proud that you have not sat down in your easy chair to relax, but that you have done something useful! Your body also releases the happiness hormone endorphins in your brains when you exert yourself. And let's be honest things like vacuuming and mopping are, for example, quite a exertion!