Saving money with your electronic devices.

At Homie we regularly provide saving tips when it comes to washing. Tips such as washing colder and filling the drum well aren’t unnoticed by our Homies. This is one of the reasons our Homie users wash an average of 25% more economical. We have also written an article with saving tips for the refrigerator. Do not keep the door open for too long, pack the fridge well, do not put hot food in the fridge, give the fridge a minimum of 10 centimeters of free space all around, and so on. We love saving tips! Because it is good for the environment and good for the wallet. That is why we have devoted an entire article to saving with electronic devices.

The first tip remains a bit in the familiar laundry / clothing theme. Start ironing while the clothing has not dried completely. By this we do not mean immediately after washing, but when the clothing is only slightly damp. Ironing will then be a lot easier. This means it takes less time and the iron can be switched off earlier. Saved some energy, money and time!  

With devices in general it is important to regularly clean the filters. So whether we are talking about a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, dryer or dishwasher, it is important to clean the filter regularly. This ensures that the devices work more efficiently and therefore use less power.

Electric devices use a lot of energy. Battery powered devices are generally the worst. Batteries are expensive and often run out quickly. Therefore, rather buy slightly more expensive devices with a charger. If you really need to use batteries, purchase than rechargeable batteries. Are you planning on buying a new device? Then choose energy label A +++.

Another saving tip is to lower the screen brightness of your devices. This is often set very high by the factory. This takes a lot of energy and is tiring for your eyes.

To compensate for all energy consumption, it might be smart to consider solar panels. Find out for yourself if this is interesting or not.

Do you still use a pan on the stove to heat water? An economical kettle is often very powerful and requires little power to heat a large amount of water. Moreover, the kettle is often much faster. So a lot can be gained with a good kettle!

Regarding heating your house: make sure you keep doors closed as much as possible. As a result, as little warm air as possible escapes outside or into the corridor. Closing the closet doors is also a smart tip, because your clothing does not have to be heated. Do you heat your home with a radiator? Then use radiator foil. This ensures that the radiator does not heat your wall unnecessarily. If your house is very hot in the summer, we recommend using a fan. A fan uses much less energy than an expensive air-conditioning system. 

We have two more tips regarding electronic devices. Remove the plug from the wall socket when the device is not being used. This will prevent energy losses while the devices are on standby. This saves you an average of € 28 annually on the decoder of your television, € 13 on your coffee maker and € 30 on your computer.

The last tip is to take a good look around your house. Which devices take a lot of energy and are they really needed? Take a look at the website for an overview of electrical devices with the additional consumption and costs.