Dry clothes in a blink of an eye

Do you have a job interview without clean and dry neat clothing in your closet? Or are you already late for a party, but is your party outfit still in the washing machine? Or do you have to go to an exciting date, but is your lingerie still wet? Everyone has to deal with this sometimes. Just misjudged the time and now your clothes have to dry very quickly.

We have a few alternative clothes-drying tips for you, when the sun is not shining hard enough outside, the heating is just not high enough inside and the dryer is too slow.  

Wring out very wet clothes first. You can then roll it up (just like a wet swimsuit for example) in a dry large towel. The tighter you roll, the more moisture the towel absorbs. If all goes well, your clothes are now only slightly damp. Time for the following tips.

Is your clothing almost dry? Then grab your hair dryer. Thanks to the heat, the moisture in your clothing evaporates quickly. Make sure that you do not keep the hair dryer too close to your clothing, as it may burn.

If your clothing is still a bit damp, you can already iron it. The heat of the iron also ensures that all the moisture evaporates. Another advantage: the creases have disappeared too!

The salad dryer is ideal for small items of clothing (such as that one lingerie for example). Throw them in and start spinning very fast. This way your clothes will dry in no time.

A bit dangerous, so pay attention, but drying clothes in the microwave is quick and easy! Place small pieces of clothing without metal or plastic in the microwave. Turn the microwave on a low temperature for about 20 seconds. Then allow the clothing to evaporate. When you repeat this a few times in your clothing, dry quickly.