Top loader of Front loader?

At Homie we have a washing machine with the door at the front, also called a front loader. But why exactly? In this article, we look at the differences between a front loader and top loader.

The space
Although top loaders are often slightly narrower than front loaders, a front loader is the most convenient in terms of space savings. This is because you can store stuff on top of the front loader. So for example you can put your detergent on the appliance, or a Homie dryer. Alltogether, you save more space with a front loader.

Your posture
If you have problems with kneeling or bending, choose a top loader. With a front loader you cannot avoid having to bend your knees.
The first tip remains a bit in the familiar laundry / clothing theme. Start ironing while the clothing has not dried completely. By this we do not mean immediately after washing, but when the clothing is only slightly damp. Ironing will then be a lot easier. This means it takes less time and the iron can be switched off earlier. Saved some energy, money and time!  

Whether your detergent is on top of the front loader or on the floor next to your top loader. You are more flexible in your choice if you have a top loader. This is easy to explain. With a top loader, the door is at the top, this allows you to throw in almost all detergents into your machine. For front loaders, manufacturers often recommend using low-foam detergent so that the soap doesn’t come out the door. However, we have to say, most people have a front loader, so almost all detergent are also suitable for these machines nowadays.

Lifetime clothes
How long your clothes stay beautiful does not only depend on the quality of it. The washing machine you use also influences this. With a front loader, the washing machine uses gravity to rotate the drum. This is better for your clothes than the mechanism in a top loader. If you want to keep your clothes as good as possible, go for a front loader.

Water, electricity and time
When it comes to saving time and money, the front loading washing machine undoubtedly wins. A top loading machine needs enough water to cover the entire load of clothing in the basket, while a front loader needs only 30% of that water. Because the front loader uses less water, less water remains in the laundry. This means that you do not have to spin as much, aka a shorter washing time. This saves water, electricity and time. In addition, front loaders have no agitators, allowing them to wash larger loads of laundry. Larger loads in the machines mean fewer washes in total.

In general, a good front loader costs more than a top loader. However, you can be sure that your initial investment will be recouped. Lower water costs, lower energy costs, less time, clothes that last longer, etc.

All in all, you see, the front loader is a better choice in almost every area in comparison to a top loader. Well, except for the purchase costs. That is why we encourage you to order a Homie washing machine. This way you have all the advantages, but not the purchase costs!