Solutions for a smelly washing machine (5 odors with solutions)

Although your washing machine may look clean, the smell suggests otherwise. Homie has listed several solutions for you. To fix the odor, we first need to know what it smells like. Does the device smell musty or sour, like sewer, mold, rubber or fire?

A musty smell
After washing, you must leave the door and the soaptray of the washing machine open. This allows the condensation to drain and fresh air to go into the drum. If this isn’t the solution for the musty smell, you have to look further for the cause.

A sour smell

With a musty or sour odor, you may have washing lice (also known as fat lice) in the washing machine. Look at the rubber seal by the door. If you see a dirty black deposit here, then you know for sure. You can dissolve the problem by cleaning the rubber and doing a 90 degrees wash. To prevent fat lice, switch from liquid detergent to washing powder. Make sure you dose the amount of detergent properly, because using too much soap will cause washing lice.

If the problem is not fat lice, the odor can also be caused by a clogged filter. Cleaning the washing machine filter properly solves the problem. We have good news for our homies, your washing machine has no filters!

sewer smell washing machine, how to fix it.  rioollucht uit de wasmachine oplossen.A sewer smell
You are likely dealing with a blockage or other drain problem. Follow your nose and smell where the problem is coming from. If it comes from behind the machine, then it is indeed the drain. Do not use a drain unblocker as this may damage the drain. Turn a 90 degree wash, or remove the washing machine drain hose from the drainpipe and pour boiling water directly into the drainpipe. For even better results, you can dissolve a little soda in the boiling water.

Schimmelkaas, schimmel geur, wasmachine schimmel, hoe kom je van de schimmelgeur in je wasmachine af. Moldy smell in washing machine, smelly moldy cheese smell.

A moldy smell

Because the washing machine always remains a little wet after washing, mold can develop. You can solve this by cleaning the inside of the washing machine with, for example, an old toothbrush and bleaching solution. Mix 50% bleach and 50% water together and clean things like the soap dish and door seals. Now throw the rest of the bleach solution in the washing machine and do a 90 degree wash. When the programme is finished and the machine smells fresh again, do one extra empty washing programme to ensure that you do not get bleach stains in your laundry.

A rubber or fire smell
This can have many causes, but whatever the reason for the smell is, you can’t solve it in the blink of an eye. Rubber belts, carbon brushes, door seals, wiring the cause of the smell is not easy to say. Stop washing immediately and contact Homie. This way we prevent any serious damage to the appliance, your laundry and the room.

As always, prevention is better than resolution. To prevent bad odors in the appliance, we recommend cleaning your washing machine regularly. We also give all our homies a free 90 degree cleaning every quarter. In this way, together we ensure that our appliances
will remain clean and fresh.

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