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5x reasons why to choose Homie instead of buying or leasing

7 May 2021

Why would you buy a washing machine or dryer? Homie offers a Pay-Per-Use solution where you only pay for the usage of the appliance. Read our five reasons why to choose Homie instead of buying or leasing.

  1. Pay Per Use
    With Homie you pay for the use of your appliance, without having to purchase it. You pay per washing or drying cycle, with a low monthly usage minimum. Once your order is placed, we come to delivery and connect your appliance for free within three working days.
    Order Homie.
  2. Gain insights in your consumption
    Homie provides you with real-time in your consumpion. After each wash you receive a notification. Homie stimulates you to wash more sustainably. The more energy-efficient the program (e.g. cold or ECO), the lower the price. Beneficial for your wallet and the environment. With your usage overview in your Homie account and app you are in control.
    How homie works.
  3. No repair or replacement costs
    Enjoy full service and warranty. As a Homie customer, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and you will never be faced with unexpected costs. We will replace or repair the appliance free of charge within three working days. You can count on Homie.
  4. Sustainable and cheaper
    Using a Homie washing machine or dryer is cheaper than leasing or buying. More than 50% of all washing machines fail within five years, often resulting in high repair costs. At Homie you always have a working device. In addition, Homie users wash on average 25% more sustainably. As a result, they have lower water and energy consumption and lower costs. Sustainability does not end but rather starts with the delivery of a sustainable device. With Pay-Per-Use we encourage and reward energy-efficient washing behavior among our users.
  5. No fine print
    Homie ensures free delivery and connection. We charge a deposit of €35 or €50. You will receive this back after the contract is terminated. After 6 months, the contract can be terminated on a monthly basis. Homie is effortless, sustainable and pay-per-use.

    Are you ready for sustainable and carefree washing? Order Homie. Do you wish to read more about how Homie works? Discover more.

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Do you need advice?