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Club of Circular Entrepeneurs

5 April 2023

Pop-up on the Amsterdam Zuidas

During the annual week of the Circular Economy, extra attention was paid to the topic of Circularity. At the start of the Week of The Circular Economy, the collective of Circular Entrepreneurs opened a pop-up exhibition in CIRCL on the Zuidas in Amsterdam on Monday 6 February, to put circular products, services and innovations in the spotlight and to unleash a more concrete action plan.

About the Club of Circular Entrepreneurs

The Club of Circular Entrepreneurs was founded in 2022 and now has approximately 30 members. The members are all pioneering companies that have united to work together and share knowledge to accelerate transitions. Think of companies such as; Swap bike, Fairphone, Tiny Library, Reflower, Chainable, and of course Homie.

The Club focuses on three target groups: B2B, B2C and the government. Objectives are to sharpen goals and actions with an impulse for circular entrepreneurship as a result, creating a level playing field, transparency and behavioral change.

Let’s make the future circular together!”

Do you need advice?

Do you need advice?