Laundry icons explained


Your washing machine and dryer have dozens of programs to ensure that your clothes stay beautiful. But, do you know which programme you should use? You can find this out by looking at the symbols on the label in your clothing. Each label states from which kind of fabric the garment is made of. Furt

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Washing, measuring and fitting.


How full should the washing machine's drum be? Normally we advise our customers to wash with a full drum. Because it is better to do a full wash once, than a half wash twice. You would think, that is logical, because running two washes costs twice the amount of water and energy. Yet the difference i

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Solutions for a smelly washing machine


Although your washing machine may look clean, the smell suggests otherwise. Homie has listed several solutions for you. To fix the odor, we first need to know what it smells like. Does the device smell musty or sour, like sewer, mold, rubber or fire?

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Top loader of Front loader?


At Homie we have a washing machine with the door at the front, also called a front loader. But why exactly? In this article, we look at the differences between a front loader and top loader.

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Dry clothes in a blink of an eye


We have a few alternative clothes-drying tips for you, when the sun is not shining hard enough outside, the heating is just not high enough inside and the dryer is too slow.

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Saving money with your electronic devices.


At Homie we regularly provide saving tips when it comes to washing. Tips such as washing colder and filling the drum well aren’t unnoticed by our Homies. This is one of the reasons our Homie users wash an average of 25% more economical. We have also written an article with saving tips for the refrig

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Start living more sustainable in a simple and easy way.


Tree-hugging, raw vegan food, jute clothing and living in a self-made hut in nature. This is not for everyone, but living more sustainable is! Homie customers are already well on their way, as white goods provide 28 million tonnes of waste every year. By using a Homie washing machine you know that y

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House-keeping peace of mind


Everyone has to do it and we all sometimes postpone it: the household chores. Endless cleaning, tidying, washing and ironing, there are much nicer things to do. However, postponing the chores is not wise. Because a messy house causes a mess in your head. Doing household chores can also have a calmin

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IoT (Internet of Things)


More and more often you hear the term IoT. But what does it actually mean? IoT stands for Internet of Things. So in addition to "online people", there are now also "online devices".

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Smart refrigerator usage significantly lowers energy consumption


Delft, 10 May 2019 – consumers can save a lot of energy costs if they focus on lowering the power usage of their fridge. According to research by Homie Pay-Per-Use, the company that strives to make the white goods sector more sustainable.

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The washing machine eats socks: myth or not?


Once upon a time there was a big white device, mean and determined to devour your valuables. And not just your stuff, no, especially the stuff you need two of, namely your socks. Who does not know it, you are folding all your wonderfully smelling clean laundry and damn it, you are missing a sock! Do

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Independent student living on your own? Washing at your parents is no longer an option!


Mature and independent, yes you are! You live on your own, you go to enough parties, you secretly eat in bed and you do your laundry nicely. At least from now on, because you really can't go towards your parents with dirty laundry anymore.

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