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Service Agreement

Homie Additional Terms of Use (v4.8, June 2021)


The General Terms and Conditions in accordance with the Thuiswinkel Waarborg Certificate apply to all Homie services. This user agreement contains additional conditions, obligations and agreements.

1. Parties 

Service provider: Homie B.V., also trading under Homie Pay-Per-Use (hereinafter referred to as “Homie” or “service provider”), a company registered in the Netherlands with Chamber of Commerce registration number 66592429, located at Wagenmakersweg 3, 3449 HV Woerden, The Netherlands.

Contact details:
phone: 015 – 7601615

User: Sell_to_Customer_Name (hereinafter referred to as “user” or “customer”), residing Sell_to_Address, Sell_to_Post_Code, Sell_to_City, The Netherlands. Extra_information
Contact details:
telefoon: [phone]
email: E_Mail

2. Provided service

Homie provides the user with a well-functioning Homie appliance. The appliance is and remains the property of Homie during and after the contract period. In the case of a washing machine or dryer, the usage is registered via a built-in tracker. The user receives an invoice for each individual use, the price of which varies per wash cycle, depending on the selected programme and user contract type.

The services offered by Homie are still in development. Therefore it is possible that (minor) problems with washing, registering the washing cycles (if applicable) and / or payments can occur from time to time. User and service provider are aware of this and will help each other, if the above problems occur, to solve them as soon as possible.

3. Homie’s obligations

3.1 Providing a well-functioning appliance to the user and registering usage at all times (in the case of a washing machine or dryer) to enable well-documented billing.
3.2 Home strives to deliver ordered products to the user within a delivery period of three working days.
3.3 If applicable, Homie will take care of the responsible disposal of a user’s old appliance free of charge, upon delivery of a Homie appliance. The old appliance must be disconnected and ready for transport at the time of collection.
3.4 Provide repair or replacement in case of breakdown of the user’s Homie appliance, free of charge, unless the damage was caused by careless or improper use of the appliance by the customer. Once the breakdown is reported by the customer through email or telephone, Homie will inform the user of planned corrective actions (repair or replacement) as soon as possible.
3.5 Regularly analyse the use of the appliance to provide the user advice on how to optimise their usage behaviour.
3.6 Homie ensures regular connection on the required connection applicable to the appliance (drain/tap/electricity). Homie is not responsible for water damage or collateral damage.

4. User obligations

4.1 To provide, during the ordering procedure, correct information about the accessibility of the address and the place where the appliance will be installed and about the availability and accessibility of electricity, a water tap, a drainpipe and wireless internet (if applicable). Extra costs due to unexpected circumstances on site can be charged to the customer by Homie. This will be discussed on the spot and decided if possible.
4.2 To be present during the planned date and time for delivery, to identify yourself, to sign for receipt and to ensure that the location where the device is to be delivered and installed is freely accessible for the delivery team.
4.3 To handle the appliance with care and use the device only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Homie charges a deposit and sets conditions for the return of the deposit upon termination of the agreement. Upon receipt, the appliance must be clean and undamaged, and function properly with all original parts present.
4.4 The user may allow third parties to use the device, as long as it concerns neighbours and / or friends. The user is responsible for this third-party use. Commercial use of the device is not permitted.
4.5 To ensure that the machine is connected to wireless internet (only in the case of a washing machine or dryer) so that the use of the machine can be registered, and if neccessary restore te internet connection. The appliance can only be used in offline status for a short time, after which the appliance automatically blocks. As soon as the appliance is online again, the block is automatically undone. In the event that a device has been offline for more than 1 month, Homie is entitled to charge the user an offline fee of €25,00/month in addition to normal usage costs.
4.6 To notify Homie of any malfunction of the appliance or the WiFi connection within 1 week.
4.7 Not to make, or let someone else make, adjustments or reparations to the appliance.
4.8 To notify Homie at least one month in advance in case of relocation (both indoors or to a new address) of the appliance to ensure continuous monitoring and billing. If Homie moves the appliance on behalf of the customer, a relocation fee will be charged; in case the user him or herself moves the appliance, the risk and potential costs are born by the user. The user will also have to use transport bolts.
4.9 To give Homie access to the appliance upon first request, so that Homie can inspect its condition and fix potential problems.
4.10 In case of theft, to report it immediately to the police and then immediately provide Homie with a copy of the police report. The customer is responsible for the costs Homie incurs to replace the device, including the appliance purchasing costs.
4.11 To protect the device against external causes (such as water or fire damage). The customer is responsible for related costs, including the appliance purchasing costs, in case Homie has to repair or replace the device due to such damage during use.
4.12 Not to sell, dispose of, rent or pawn the device without Homie’s written consent, or to act in any other way to conflict with Homie’s interests.
4.13 Homie can always hand over the appliance ownership or the rights and responsibilities for its service to a third party.
4.14 To allow Homie to use the collected user data after anonymisation for modelling and research purposes, also in conjunction with Homie’s business partners.

5. Prices and additional costs  

5.1 Homie ensures free delivery and connection, any repairs and if necessary, replacement of the appliance. Homie charges a deposit. The deposit will be returned to the user upon termination of the contract when Homie has collected the appliance in good condition. For a description of the conditions for receiving the deposit back, see 4.3.

5.2 All prices include VAT.

Washing machine prices
Prices per wash vary with the selected appliance, the selected usage, the selected temperature and the use of the ECO-function:


Machine type: Standard Drum size: 7kg
Temperature  Small Household  Large Household
Cold wash € 0,60 € 0,50
20 ° C wash € 0,70 € 0,60
30 ° C wash € 0,85 € 0,70
40 ° C wash* € 1,25 € 1,00
60 ° C wash* € 1,50 € 1,25
90 ° C wash € 1,75 € 1,50
Using the ECO-function € 0,25 discount € 0,25 discount
Pump and spin programme Free Free
Monthly minimum €12,75 €19,50

*Using the ECO-function (only available for the Cotton programme) will save you €0.25 on the regular washing price.

Machine type: Premium XL washing machine (9KG)
Temperature  Premium Homie
Cold wash € 0,50
20 ° C wash € 0,60
30 ° C wash* € 0,70
40 ° C wash** € 1,00
50 ° C wash € 1,15
60 ° C wash** € 1,25
90 ° C wash € 1,50
Using the ECO-function € 0,25 discount
Pump and spin programme Free
Monthly minimum €22,75
Dryer prices

Prices per drying vary with the selected appliance, the selected usage, the selected temperature and the use of the ECO-function:


Dryer with 8 KG drum capacity
Dryness Level Small Household Large Household
Refresh programme € 0,80 € 0,65
Dryness level 1 (iron dry) € 1,00 € 0,75
Dryness level 2 (cupboard dry) € 1,50 € 1,25
Dryness level 3 (strong dry) € 2,00 € 1,75
Dryness level 4 (extra dry) € 2,25 € 2,00
Time programme, depening on the time set, between € 0,75 and € 2,00 € 0,50 and € 1,75
Using the ECO-function € 0,25 discount € 0,25 discount
Anti-crease function Free Free
Monthly minimum €15,00 €22,50


Dishwasher prices

Freestanding Dishwasher
Fixed Monthly usage fee € 14,99

Refrigerator prices

Freestanding table top refrigerator
Fixed Monthly usage fee € 12,99
Freezer Fridge Combination
Fixed Monthly Usage fee € 24,99


Washer and dryer combo prices

The AEG washer and dryer combination is offered for a fixed monthly fee, regardless of  the amount of washing or drying cycles.

Washer and dryer combination  (8KG/4KG)
Fixed Monthly usage fee € 29,99

5.3 Homie charges a minimum monthly fee for washing and drying, depending on the Small and Large Household contract type. The User pays the monthly (minimum) usage fee prior to the applicable month. During the month the system deducts the washing and drying cycles from this monthly (minimum) credit. On the billing date, any surplus from the previous month will be debited together with the monthly minimum for the following month. For our Pay-Per-Month model, a fixed monthly usage amount is calculated.
5.4 When Homie and / or the customer deems it necessary to visit the customer to (re) connect the washing machine or dryer to the internet, Homie may charge € 25,-  per visit.
5.5 Upon request, the user of the washing machine or dryer may switch between a Small Household contract and a Large Household contract free of charge up to 2 times per 12 months. The substitution will take effect on the monthly invoicing date. User has to contact Homie to request the switch.

5.6 When Homie assists in moving / relocating a device, a relocating fee will be charged.
5.7 In case a user is not home during the time of the scheduled delivery, service visit or pick-up visit, Homie may charge the customer € 75.00 to cover the unnecessary logistics costs.

6. Invoicing and payment 

6.1 The user owes the monthly (minimum) usage fee and the deposit from the moment that the agreement has started. The user monthly pays the (minimum) usage fee prior to the applicable month, including a potential surplus from the previous month. The first direct debit takes place on the day of installation and subsequent debits are repeatedly performed on that day.
6.2 The user pays for last month the usage amount pro-rate for the days that the user has been able to use the appliance.
6.3 Payments are made via direct debit, carried out by the Homie B.V. designated third party KUARIO B.V.. User is obliged to ensure that there is sufficient balance in his bank account. This direct debit is activated by means of the first (deposit) transaction during the ordering process on the website. If the User does not agree with a monthly debit, the User may have it reversed by contacting his bank in good time. If the User makes use of this, Article 5.4 will come into effect. If a direct debit fails or is rejected due to an act or omission of the User (e.g. if there are not enough funds in the User’s bank account to effectuate the direct debit), Homie can charge the User the costs associated with this failed debit (with regard to costs of the Debits handler.
6.4 The deposit is debited by Homie B.V. via KUARIO B.V. immediately after the agreement is started while placing an order online, before the delivery of the appliance.
6.5 If payment of the monthly (minimum) usage amount and/or the deposit cannot take place via direct debit,  the User is in default by operation of law and fails to meet the payment obligations to Homie. Homie will then request the User to pay within 14 days. If the user has not paid the monthly amount including any additional costs within 14 days after the payment request referred to in Articles 6.1 and 6.3, Homie cand hand over the claim. In that case, the user must also pay all extrajudicial collection costs: a maximum of 15% on outstanding amounts up to €2500; 10% over the next € 2,500 and 5% over the next € 5,000 with a minimum from € 40.
6.6 After contract termination by Homie, in a final invoice, all outstanding payments along with any additional charges will be settled between parties.
6.7 In the event of overdue payment or continuous offline status of the appliance, Homie is entitled to remotely shut down or block the appliance, and to suspend relocation, maintenance and repair.
6.8 In the case that the user fails to comply with the conditions of this agreement, then
user in default and Homie is entitled to immediately terminate the agreement and collect the appliance. In case the user has not fully returned the appliance to Homie within 14 days after the contract has been cancelled, Homie will charge the user the appliance replacement costs plus any additionally made costs by Homie that were made to retrieve the appliance. Homie decides these costs unilaterally.

7. Contract period and cancellation 

7.1 Homie can test the customer’s creditworthiness and set additional conditions based on this or refuse to form an agreement with the user, if the user:

A. has a negative credit rating;
B. lives on one of the Waddeneilanden
C. is younger than 18 years old;
D. is not a consumer but acts in the exercise of his profession or business;
E. does not have its own WiFi internet connection (if necessary)
F. Still has unpaid invoices with Homie B.V.
G. does not (any longer) meet the conditions as included in the Agreement;
H. does not have a permanent home address and / or is under guardianship or administration unless the administrator agrees in written form.

7.2 This agreement starts as soon as the user has placed an order via the Homie website and Homie has accepted this order.
7.3 The user has the right to withdraw from the agreement within 14 days without providing any reason. The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which you received the product. User should contact Homie or use the model withdrawal form (see page 12). User is only obliged to pay any costs for the service up to the moment of termination. After Homie has installed the appliance, Homie pay charge any costs incurred for installing the product. When user has used the pay-per-use washing machine or dryer within the withdrawal period, these (pay-per-use) costs for the use of the service may also be charged. if the user has done more with our products than is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and operation of our products, we may charge you costs. Given that we deliver our products to the user fee of charge, user will not receive a refund from Homie. User should return the product itself or send it at its own expense. Standard procedure is for Homie to collect the product, whereby user will be charged €75 return transport costs.
7.4 The user agreement has a minimum duration of 6 months, counted from the installation date. After this initial 6 months’ period, the contract will automatically roll on for unlimited time.
7.5 In case of an early cancelation by the user within the minimum contract duration, Homie will still charge the user the remaining minimum monthly fees for the remaining months.
7.6 Homie charges €75.00 pick-up costs if the user requests the appliance to be picked up within one year of delivery.
7.7 After the minimum contract duration both the user or Homie can cancel the contract per email with one month notice period.
7.8 Termination by the user takes place in written from via the contact form on the website.
7.9 Transferring the Homie appliance to another user is only possible if the device remains in the same location, if Homie has been notified in advance by both current and prospective user by email and Homie approves the transfer. The new user can only take over the appliance, not the contract. Pick-up costs will not be charged when the device is transferred.
7.10 All terms and prices in this agreement are guaranteed for a minimum period of 12 months after the device is installed. Prices are subject to change in accordance with the consumer price index and take effect 1 month after notification. Also any other (price) changes will take effect 1 month after notification. If the user does not accept the revised terms, the contract will be automatically terminated one month after the notification.

Model form for right of withdrawal

(this form should only be completed and returned if you want to withdraw from the contract)

To: Homie B.V.
Address: Wagenmakersweg 3, 3449HV Woerden
E-mail address:

I here with inform you that I exercise out right of withdrawal in respect of our contract regarding
(one of) the following products:

• Product: Washing machine / Dryer / Dishwasher / Fridge / Other,

• Ordered on [day – month – year]: ………………………………………………………*

• Consumer(s)’ name: ………………………………………………………*

• Consumer(s)’ address: ………………………………………………………*

• Consumer(s)’ e-mail address: ………………………………………………………*

  • Consumer(s)’ signature (only if this form is submitted on paper): ………………………………………………………*

*Delete or provide supplementary information, as applicable

Do you need more advice?

Do you need more advice?