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Washing machine lease or buy: Which do you go for?

29 April 2024

In your search for the perfect washing machine, you are faced with an important choice: will you lease or buy a washing machine? This decision can have a big impact on your finances, your convenience and even the environment. With the washing machine subscription concept becoming increasingly popular, it’s time to take a closer look at its benefits and discover why leasing might be the best option for you.

What does a washing machine subscription involve?

Simply put, with a washing machine subscription, you pay a fixed monthly fee for using a washing machine. This subscription covers not only the cost of the appliance itself, but also service, maintenance and even replacement in case of breakdowns. You get the latest models at your disposal without a big upfront investment.

The advantages of leasing over buying

One of the biggest advantages of a washing machine subscription is the potential savings. No unexpected repair costs or the need to buy a new appliance in case of a breakdown. You know exactly what you will spend each month.

Always a modern washing machine

Technology is developing at lightning speed. Leasing ensures you always have access to the latest models with the most efficient and environmentally friendly technologies.

No worries about maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and any repairs are included in your subscription. This means fewer worries and no unexpected costs.

But in the long run, isn’t leasing more expensive than buying?

This is a question many people ask. Although the initial cost of buying a washing machine is higher, you should also consider the cost of maintenance and replacement. With leasing, these costs are included, which can be more beneficial in the long run, especially when you factor in the value of the convenience and time you save.

Who is a washing machine subscription ideal for?

A washing machine subscription is perfect for people who:

  • Don’t want or can’t spend a large sum of money immediately.
  • Expats or students, who need a washing machine temporarily
  • Value the use of modern and energy-efficient appliances.
  • Want the convenience of a hassle-free service, with maintenance and repairs taken care of.
  • Move regularly and don’t want to buy a new washing machine every time.

How to choose the right washing machine subscription?

When choosing a washing machine subscription, pay attention to the following points:

  • Compare costs: Look not only at the monthly cost, but also what is included.
  • Read the terms and conditions: Make sure you understand what your rights and obligations are.
  • Check the duration: Some subscriptions have a minimum duration. Check whether this is feasible for you. At Homie, this is 6 months. 
  • Check the option to upgrade: See if you can switch to a newer model in the interim.

Sustainability and washing machine leasing

Besides the convenience and financial benefits, leasing is also a sustainable choice. Because you always have access to the latest models, you use more efficient and environmentally friendly appliances. Moreover, suppliers often provide recycling or reuse of old appliances, contributing to a circular economy.

Flexibility with changing life circumstances

A question that often comes up when choosing a washing machine subscription is, “What if my situation changes?” The beauty of leasing is its flexibility. Are you moving to a bigger house or does your family composition change? Then you can easily change your subscription to a model that better suits your new situation. This flexibility makes the subscription not only practical, but also future-proof.

The impact of leasing on your credit rating

Some people worry about the impact of a subscription on their credit rating. It is good to know that most washing machine subscription providers do a test prior to taking out the subscription. However, as long as you pay the monthly charges neatly, this has a positive impact on your creditworthiness. It shows that you are reliable in meeting financial obligations.

The role of sustainability in choosing to lease

Sustainability plays an increasing role in the decisions we make. When leasing a washing machine, you contribute to a reduced environmental impact. Old appliances get a second life or are recycled, contributing to less waste. In addition, using energy-efficient appliances encourages lower energy consumption. By choosing a washing machine subscription, you make a green choice that fits with a sustainable lifestyle.

Choosing the right model

With a washing machine subscription, you get to choose from different models. But how do you know which model suits you best? Think about your washing habits: the frequency of washing, the amount of laundry, and special features you find important, such as a steam function or a programme for allergies. Providers like Homie will help you make this choice by offering advice based on your lifestyle and preferences. This will ensure you get a washing machine that suits you perfectly. Still have questions? Then get in touch with us too. Want to find out more? Then take a quick look at our Homie washing machines and find out which model suits you best.

Do you need advice?

Do you need advice?