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Washing machine leasing as a student: how does it work?

20 February 2024

As a student, you often face a limited budget and unpredictable life circumstances, such as moving house. That’s why leasing a washing machine is an ideal solution. But how exactly does this work? We take you through the process, with additional tips and information.

What are the advantages of leasing a washing machine?

With companies like Homie, you can lease a washing machine for a fixed monthly rate. This means no big, one-off expense, which is ideal for a student’s fluctuating finances. The monthly rate covers not only usage, but also maintenance and any repairs, so you won’t face unexpected costs. Again, this is nice as a student, or as an expat. 

What if something goes wrong with the machine?

No worries! With a lease agreement, repairs are included. If something is wrong with the machine, it will be repaired or replaced at no extra cost.

Durability and convenience

The washing machines from companies like Homie are often energy efficient (with an energy label A or B), which contributes to sustainable laundry behaviour. At Homie, we take environmental responsibility seriously by repairing faulty machines rather than replacing them, reducing unnecessary waste.

Delivery and installation

Another advantage is the service of delivery and installation. At Homie, for example, your washing machine will be delivered within five working days, no matter which floor you live on. We’ll even take your old appliance with us to recycle it. 

What if you move?

Flexibility is a key word when leasing a washing machine. If you move house, the appliance can move with you or be transferred to a new resident or housemate at no extra cost.

Different options

You can choose from different leasing plans, ranging from short-term (6+ months) to long-term (3+ or 5+ years). This offers flexibility and the ability to tailor the service to your specific needs and life stage.

Nationwide Delivery

Services like Homie deliver nationwide, meaning that no matter where you study, you can access these leasing options.

You contribute to a greater social cause

When leasing a washing machine, you are not only contributing to your own convenience, but also to a greater social cause. Companies like Homie focus on sustainability, meaning that every wash contributes to a reduced environmental impact. This can be a motivating factor for environmentally conscious students looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

What happens after your studies?

After your studies, you can effortlessly continue the lease contract or adapt it to your new life situation. This shows the flexibility and future-proof nature of leasing a washing machine. It’s a hassle-free solution that grows with you, from student to professional. 

Washing machine leasing? Flexible and sustainable option

Leasing a washing machine is a cost-effective, flexible and sustainable option for students. It takes away the worry of major purchases and maintenance, offers convenience and supports a more sustainable lifestyle. With the added flexibility of different subscriptions and the convenience of moving services, it is an ideal solution for a student’s dynamic and often unpredictable lifestyle.

Washing machine leasing as a student: how does it work?

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