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Washing machine rental in Utrecht?

Has your washing machine broken down and do you want a washing machine in your home as soon as possible? Or are you looking for a flexible solution for your rental property in Utrecht? Rent a washing machine from as little as €9.99 per month at Homie. Free delivery and connection in Utrecht within one to three working days.

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Wasmachines drogers en wasdroogcombinaties te huur bij Homie

Washing machine rental Utrecht

With our concept and offer we take into account different users. A standard washing machine suitable for starters and students, a premium washing machine with larger drum for intensive use. Also watch our video and discover the benefits of Homie.

Standard washing machine – from €9,99 per month
Premium washing machine 8kg – from €14,99 per month
Premium washing machine 9kg – from €16,99 per month
Washer dryer – from €19,99 per month

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Pay-Per-Use betalen-per-gebruik resulteert in zuiniger wasgedrag - Onderzocht door Homie middels een experiment


Washing machine rental, leasing, subscription in Utrecht

Washing machine rental, leasing or subscription; there are many names. At Homie we do things a little differently than when you lease or rent a washing machine. We make washing affordable and sustainable and move with you. With our washing machines, you pay per use. The more economical the program, the lower the price. In the (optional) Homie app and account, we provide insight into your usage.


  • Delivered within one to three business days
  • Subscription from 6+ months
  • Free moving and transfer
  • Free delivery, connection and replacement
  • Insight and control with the Homie app

Delivered within 1 to 5 working days
Subscriptions from 6+ months
Good reviews!
Free delivery and setup.
Overview in the Homie mobile application


We move with you

The Dutch housing market is getting tighter. Homes are scarce, prices are rising and we are staying in one place for a shorter period of time. We want to stay flexible, which is why the need for products as a service instead of buying is increasing. Homie is here for you and moves with you. Whether you are looking for a student washing machine in Utrecht without hassle or worries about maintenance, are a starter in a rental property or just want to stay flexible all the time. After 6 months you can cancel your washing machine subscription monthly. We’ll move your washing machine to your new address or transfer it to the new tenant or housemate free of charge. Are you settling down after two years? Then you can take over your Homie in consultation.

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Wasmachines doneren aan minderbedeelden
How Homie works

1. Order online

Order your washingmachine subscription

2. Homie delivers

We deliver and setup your washing machine within 1 to 5 working days.

3. Start

And pay for usage not for material.

4. insight in washing behavior

Learn to wash sustainable.

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Do you need advice?