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What can’t go in a tumble dryer?

25 January 2024

Using a tumble dryer correctly is important for preserving your clothes and other textile products. While many items can safely go in the dryer, there are certain materials and items that are better not to put in the dryer. On this page, we discuss what to avoid and why.

Materials not suitable for tumble-drying

There are several materials that are better not to tumble dry because of the risk of damage or deformation. 

For example, leather and imitation leather can shrink, harden or lose their shape, while foam, such as that found in cushions or mattress pads, can melt or deform due to heat. Waterproof fabrics can lose their water-repellent properties, and rubber items can melt or deform, which can damage both the item and the dryer.

Silk is another material that can shrink or damage in the dryer, as can some woollen items. Suede can harden in the dryer and lose its texture. Heat can also shrink or damage nylon tights. Therefore, it is often better to air dry these materials to maintain their quality and shape. Do you put clothes in the dryer? Then always consider the material of the clothes. 

Clothes that should not be tumble dried

Clothes with spandex

Garments with spandex, such as sportswear, swimwear and bras, can lose their elasticity from the heat of the dryer.

Clothing with metal embellishments

Metal parts such as buttons, zips or studs can be damaged in the dryer and in exceptional cases cause a fire.


The heat and tumbling in the dryer can damage the supporting structure of bras, such as the underwires.

Can I put my hoodie in the dryer?

Although it is possible to put hoodies in the dryer, it is better to air dry them. The dryer can damage the fabric, fade colours and cause shrinkage.

General tips for using the dryer

  1. Always read the care label

Check the washing label of your garments to see if they are suitable for the dryer. If it says not to put the item in the dryer, follow this instruction.

  1. Avoid overloading

Overloading your dryer can lead to uneven drying and extra wear and tear on both your clothes and the dryer.

  1. Use a lower temperature

For delicate fabrics, it is better to use a lower temperature or the air drying function of your dryer.

  1. Regular maintenance

Make sure your dryer is well maintained and make sure you regularly clean the lint filter and check the ventilation. Are you going to rent a dryer from Homie? Then our experts will take care of the maintenance for you. 

Dryer rental? Choose Homie

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