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What is the best dryer for a flat?

6 December 2023

Choosing the right dryer for your flat can be a challenge, especially with so many options on the market. Each type of dryer has its own pros and cons, and what works perfectly for one person may not be suitable for another. In this blog article, we would like to give you some information about tumble dryers especially for flats. 

The different types of dryers

There are three main types of dryers available, each with its own specifications and advantages. We would like to highlight the following three models: 

Dryer with condensation

Advantages: These dryers are generally cheaper to buy and are ideal for flats as they do not require external ventilation.

Disadvantages: They can consume more energy in the long run.

Dryer with drain

Advantages: It is a middle ground in terms of price and energy consumption. They are relatively easy to maintain.

Disadvantages: They require an external drain to direct the moist air outside, which is not always possible in a flat.

Dryer with heat pump

Advantages: These dryers are energy efficient and have lower operating costs in the long run. They also use a more advanced technology that reuses the energy released by condensing water vapour to heat the air.

Disadvantages: They are more expensive to buy. That’s why you can rent a heat pump dryer from Homie. This way, you can start drying your laundry inexpensively, without spending a lot of money all at once. 

What is the difference between a drain dryer, condensation dryer and heat pump dryer? 

There are mainly three types of dryers on the market. We would like to explain the different types for you: 

Drain dryer: This type of dryer removes moisture from the warm air blown through the laundry and discharges it via a drain hose. This means that the room where the dryer is located must have an opening to the outside to remove the moist air. There is no option to collect the moisture in a container.

Condensation dryer: In a condensation dryer, the moist air is condensed and the resulting water is collected in a tray. It is also possible to drain the water through a hose if there is a drain nearby. So this type of dryer does not necessarily need to be placed next to an outside wall.

Heat pump dryer: This is a special type of condensation dryer that uses heat pump technology to heat the air. This makes it much more energy-efficient than traditional dryers. As with the standard condensation dryer, water can be collected in a tray or drained via a drain hose. The heat pump dryer operates at a lower temperature, which is better for the life of clothes and for energy consumption.

How long does a standard drying cycle take?

Depending on the type of dryer and the amount of laundry, a drying cycle can vary. A condenser dryer, equipped with an electric resistor, can dry your clothes in about 1.5 to 2 hours. However, a heat pump dryer can take up to 3 hours, as it works more efficiently at a lower temperature.

Efficiency and speed: which is more important to you? 

If you want dry clothes quickly, a dryer with condensation might be the best option for you. But if energy efficiency and lower operating costs are more important in the long run, a dryer with a heat pump is a better choice. At Homie, we deliberately choose a heat pump dryer because it fits well with the drive towards a fully circular economy. Renting a tumble dryer ensures that the appliances remain in circulation for as long as possible. 

Important to consider: humidity in your apartment/home

One aspect that is often overlooked is the humidity in your flat. Condensation dryers work in a closed circuit, meaning they do not release humidity into the room. This is especially useful if you live in a small flat where too much moisture can promote mold growth. However, a heat pump dryer is more durable in the long run and can last longer. So keep this in mind when making your choice. 

Why choose to rent a tumble dryer?

If you live in a flat, space may be limited and it is not always possible to hang laundry outside to dry. Renting a tumble dryer then offers the ideal solution. You can enjoy the convenience of fast-drying laundry without having to bear the full cost of buying a dryer. In addition, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or any repairs, as this is usually handled by the rental company. In this case, Homie’s experts will do it for you, so you don’t have to worry about this. Still have questions about this? Then take a look at our frequently asked questions

Homie is also there for students and expats

The life of a student or expat can be hectic and unpredictable, often requiring flexible and affordable solutions for household needs. Homie understands this and therefore offers special services that perfectly suit these target groups. Whether you are staying in the Netherlands for a short period or looking for a temporary solution during your studies, Homie makes it easy to rent a dryer. This means you are not stuck with long-term contracts. You also always have the assurance of a high-quality dryer without high purchase costs. So students, expats and “normal citizens” alike can enjoy the convenience and flexibility Homie has to offer.

De beste droger voor een appartment

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