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How well should a tumble dryer be ventilated?

6 December 2023

A tumble dryer is an essential household appliance, but it is also crucial to understand how well it should be ventilated to work safely and efficiently. Properly ventilating your clothes dryer can reduce fire risk, extend the life of the appliance and even improve the overall efficiency of the drying cycle.

Space around the tumble dryer

For your dryer to work comfortably, there should be at least 3m² of space with a fresh air supply around it. This air can enter the space in different ways; the most important thing is that fresh air is present in the space.

Why is ventilation crucial?

Dryers require specific ventilation for fire safety and air quality protection. Fluff produced by dryers is a proven fire hazard if not properly ventilated. Airborne lint can cause health problems if inhaled.

What if I run my dryer without ventilation?

Without proper ventilation, water vapour will continue to spread in your home, which will condense on windows and walls, making them very wet. This is not only harmful to the structure of your home, but can also lead to health problems due to the growth of mould.

Efficiency and dryer types

Ventilated dryers are less energy efficient than heat pump dryers. This is because air has to be converted into water, which consumes a lot of energy. Consider renting a dryer that is more efficient, such as a heat pump dryer, to save energy costs.

What is the ideal place for the ventilation of a clothes dryer? 

The ideal place for ventilating your dryer is usually an outside wall, which makes the duct type as straight and short as possible, minimising lint accumulation and reducing fire risk. It is usually not recommended to vent the dryer through the roof or basement because of the risk of condensation and lint accumulation.

How to properly ventilate a tumble dryer in a small flat? 

Proper ventilation is essential for the efficient operation of a clothes dryer, especially in a small flat. Here are some concrete tips on how to properly ventilate a clothes dryer:

  1. Place near a window: If possible, place the clothes dryer close to a window. This will allow you to open the window while drying, providing natural ventilation.
  1. Use a drain hose: If you have an air vent dryer, make sure the drain hose is properly connected and leads outside, so that the moist air is discharged directly to the outside.
  1. Space around the dryer: Leave at least 10 cm of space between the clothes dryer and the wall or other appliances. This ensures good air circulation around the appliance.
  1. Door open: If it is safe, consider leaving the door of the room where the clothes dryer is located open during drying. This helps with air circulation and wicks away moisture.
  1. Air purifier: Consider using an air purifier in the room. This can help remove excess moisture from the air and improve air quality.
  1. Moisture-absorbing crystals: Place moisture-absorbing crystals or trays in the room. They help absorb excess moisture and can be easily replaced when saturated.
  1. Fan: A standing or table fan can help keep the air moving and remove damp air faster.
  1. Regular maintenance: Make sure you clean your dryer’s filters regularly and empty the lint filter after every dry. A clean dryer works more efficiently and ventilates better.
  1. Choose a condenser dryer with reservoir: If you live in a small flat and don’t have a direct drain to the outside, consider a condenser dryer with a reservoir. This catches the moisture, which you can then empty manually. Or choose to rent a dryer, such as a heat pump dryer. 
  1. Check the room: Make sure there are no obstructions blocking the dryer’s vents.

By applying these tips, you can optimise the ventilation and efficiency of your clothes dryer in a small flat.

Why choose to rent a tumble dryer? 

Renting a clothes dryer offers several advantages over buying one. First, you don’t have to make a big investment when buying one, which is especially convenient for people who need a solution at short notice. In addition, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repairs; these are often covered by the landlord. Renting also offers flexibility; as soon as you no longer need the dryer, you can easily end the rental contract. Moreover, you are always assured of a modern and efficient appliance because rental companies, such as Homie, regularly update their product range. 

Rent a tumble dryer and have it installed? Choose Homie 

If you are looking for a hassle-free experience when renting a tumble dryer, Homie is the right choice for you. Not only do we offer top quality dryers, but we also provide seamless installation and support throughout the rental period. With flexible rental agreements, transparent costs and reliable customer service, Homie guarantees satisfaction. Why invest in an expensive tumble dryer when you can choose the convenience and affordability of renting from Homie? Make the smart choice today and let us take care of your dryer.

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