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Homie users who choose the Homie Pay-Per-Use washing machine pay per wash. Find out how the pay-per-use concept works and how we use it to encourage sustainable washing behaviour. In addition, for all our other products we offer a subscription where you can rent for a fixed monthly fee (all-in price). The choice is yours.


The origin

Homie originated from academic research at the Technical University in Delft. The starting point for this research: how can we stimulate sustainable usage of home appliances? We developed a tracker with which we can provide insight into washing behaviour. This way Homie users can see exactly which programmes they have run. A pilot in 2017 in the Rotterdam and Delft regions proved that the ‘pay-per-use’ concept results in more sustainable washing behaviour; fewer washes and at lower temperatures.

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In practice

How it works

Washing prices vary by programme. Energy-efficient programmes are cheaper than less economical ones. For example, you pay more for a 60°C wash programme than for a 20°C wash. The minimum wash credit of €15.99 is based on the average Dutch household of 2.1 people with about 15 washes per month.

Appliances and prices
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Circular economy

Our impact

Homie users contribute to reducing energy in the use phase of the product lifecycle. Our study shows that Homie users are able to reduce their own energy consumption for washing by up to 25%. In addition, Homie makes appliances last longer through repairs and maintenance. Young appliances are refurbished and afterwards reused.

Homie takes your old appliances back and have it recycled.  Homie’s business model is inspired by research by co-founder Prof. Nancy Bocken, professor of sustainable business practices. Nancy Bocken studies how companies can make their business models more sustainable and circular.

Circular economy narrowing slowing closing resource loops

Insight in washing behaviour

The Homie app

In the Homie app, users keep control of their washing balance and see exactly which washes they have done.


More about the app
Homie Pay per Use app available in Appstore and Google Playstore

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Do you need advice?