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Choose from a subscription for 6+ months or 3+ years. After the minimum duration, the subscription is automatically renewed for an indefinite period. You can then cancel with one month cancellation period.

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Fixed monthly price: you pay a fixed amount per month. You can make unlimited use of the product.

Pay-Per-Use: you pay per wash or drying cycle. Applies to the 6+ month subscription in washing and drying. Within the minimum monthly washing credit you can run a X number of cycles. With this subscription you wash more sustainable and you have insights in consumption with the Homie app.


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About the product

Our energy-efficient standard washing machine has a 7kg drum size and offers a separate ECO-programme to help you save energy. Including refresh 15 min, quick 30 min and Easy Iron programme. The FlexiTime button allows you to shorten the cycle time when you need to head out the door on time. With this machine, we make it accessible for all consumers to wash sustainably at an affordable monthly price.
  • Time Care: Dedicated quick and cold wash programmes (from 15 min)
  • AutoSense: adjusts programme based on load weight
  • 7kg or 8kg drum size, max. 1400 rpm


Energy label


Drum size

7kg or 8kg

Revolutions per minute

1400 rpm

Dimensions (HxWxD)

850 x 600 x 559 mm

After the minimum duration, of the subscription is automatically renewed for an indefinite period.

In the event of early cancellation during the minimum duration, Homie will charge the customer for the monthly usage over the remaining term of the subscription.

There are pick-up costs associated with a cancellation within 12 months:

  • Large household appliances: €75,- pick-up fee
  • Small household appliances (vacuum cleaners, microwave oven): €35 return costs

After the minimum duration of 3 years, the subscription is automatically renewed for an indefinite period with one month cancellation period. In the event of early termination during the minimum duration, Homie will charge the customer for the monthly fees over the remaining terms.

You can always transfer the appliance to a new user free of charge. We then cancel your subscription free of charge.

After the minimum duration of the subscription, the cancellation period is 1 month.

The subscription continues until the appliance is picked up.

If you cancel within the minimum duration period, cancellation and/or collection costs are involved.

You can always transfer the appliance to a new user. Your subscription will be cancelled free of charge.

With our washing machines and dryers you pay per wash. Washing prices vary by washing temperature. You pay a monthly washing credit. Within this washing redit you can run washes. Thus, you can use this credit to wash.

Calculation example: you have a standard washing machine with a monthly minimum washing credit of €13.99. For example, within a month you use this credit to wash 8 times 30°C x €0.85 and wash 40°C ECO x €1.00 7 times. You can always wash more. 

With Pay-Per-Use

  • You remain flexible (6+ months)
  • You have a affordable monthly price for small households
  • You wash more sustainable and have insights with the Homie-app.

Payments are made via direct debit. The monthly payments start once your appliance is delivered.

KUARIO is our secure payment provider. KUARIO facilitates direct debit and manages transactions.

Optional payment methods are: iDeal and Creditcard (Visa and Mastercard).

  • Homie delivers for free within three working days (delivery at a later moment is also possible)
  • We ensure free regular installation at the present connections.
  • After you have placed your order we will contact you within one working day by email with your delivery date and time
Monthly minimum credit


Cold wash


20° wash


30° wash


40° wash

Eco-mode €1.00

60° wash

Eco-mode €1.25

90° wash


Drain and spin programme


6+ months pay-per-use subscription:

  • Within minimum washing credit of €13,99 per month you can run around 15 washes.
  • The more energy-efficient the programme, the lower the price per wash. The washing machine’s energy consumption is mainly driven by temperature of the program and the use of the ECO function.
  • Wash more sustainable and get insights with the Homie app.

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This is the deposit. You receive this deposit back after cancellation of the subscription when we have collected the appliance.


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