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Temporary washing machine rental? Choose Homie

29 April 2024

When it comes to household appliances, washing machines are indispensable in our daily lives. But what do you do when your trusty washing machine breaks down? The stress and frustration of finding a quick, reliable solution can be overwhelming. At Homie, we completely understand this and offer a service that not only repairs or replaces your washing machine, but also provides permanent peace of mind and convenience.

In today’s age, having flexible solutions for household tasks has become essential. Laundry is no exception. But what if you don’t want to be stuck with buying and maintaining a washing machine? That’s where Homie comes in. With Homie, you enjoy a worry-free laundry experience, pay only a fixed monthly price and contribute to a more sustainable world.

A new take on home appliances

Homie is transforming the way we look at home appliances. Instead of investing in ownership, Homie offers you the option of leasing a washing machine. This innovative concept not only provides a financially attractive solution but also contributes to an environmentally conscious household. Our users wash up to 25% more economically thanks to our energy-efficient appliances. At Homie, we do things a little differently: effortlessly, flexibly and with an eye for sustainability.

Washing without worries

Imagine washing without the hassle of purchase costs, worries about maintenance or unexpected repairs. With Homie, this becomes a reality. Our full-service approach includes delivery, connection and all necessary repairs. Say goodbye to the burden of having your own washing machine and hello to unlimited washing with Homie.

Flexibly adapted to your life

Homie moves with you through life. Whether you are single, have a busy family life, are a student or enjoying retirement; our services are designed to meet your needs. With the freedom to choose from different products and subscription durations, from 6 months to even 5 years. Homie offers a solution for every stage of life. Moving house? No problem. We will move your Homie washing machine with you for free, or transfer it to the new occupant or housemate free of charge.

Sustainability first

A question we often get is, “How does Homie contribute to a better world?” The answer lies in our core values. By focusing on use rather than ownership, we not only encourage more economical use of resources but also reduce waste. Our energy-efficient appliances reduce your water and energy consumption, which is not only good for your wallet, but also for our planet.

Is a Homie subscription really more economical than buying a washing machine?

Many people wonder whether renting a washing machine from Homie is more advantageous in the long run than buying one. The answer depends on your situation and usage. Homie eliminates the upfront cost of purchase and takes care of all maintenance and repair costs. For those who move regularly or see their washing habits change, Homie offers not only financial flexibility but also peace of mind. 

Can I adjust or cancel my Homie subscription?

Flexibility is one of the pillars of Homie. We understand that your life circumstances may change. Therefore, after 6 months, you can adjust or cancel your subscription at any time, depending on your current needs. 

What happens if my Homie device breaks down?

Nothing is more frustrating than a faulty washing machine, especially at times when you really need it. With Homie, you don’t have to worry about this. Our full-service approach includes fast and efficient repairs at no extra cost. A simple phone call or notification via the app is all it takes to send our service team into action. We aim to resolve faults as quickly as possible, so you can continue your routine without interruptions.

Discover Homie today

Are you ready to change the way you wash? With Homie, you choose convenience, flexibility and sustainability. Discover today how easy it is to get started with Homie. Browse our website, watch our video and discover for yourself how Homie can transform your laundry experience. Choose a smart, worry-free and sustainable solution. Choose Homie.

Do you need advice?

Do you need advice?