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Homie will transfer all users from before June 8, 2021 to the renewed Homie portal and direct debit. For this we need your permission. Via the verification email from our payment provider KUARIO you complete your account in the new Homie environment and we request you to activate the direct debit by means of a payment of €0.02.

What does this mean for me?
We will transfer your account to the new Homie environment and your payments will be processed automatically. Furthermore, nothing changes at all to our services, your contract or the (washing) prices.

What are the benefits?
No more worrying about payments. Washes and monthly fees are automatically debited.
With the Homie app (optional for enthusiasts) you know exactly how much you can still wash within your monthly washing credit.

Will anything else change for me?
There will be no further changes to our services, your contract or the (washing) prices. Your current contract will continue.

Who is KUARIO?
KUARIO is our payment partner. KUARIO facilitates a reliable and secure payment platform for Homie. KUARIO only stores your email address and this information is completely safe.

What are the payment methods?
iDeal, Visa and Mastercard.

When can I use the new portal?
1. Complete your account in the new Homie portal and activate direct debit with a €0.02 payment.
2. Homie connects your machine to the new portal (make sure your machine is online if applicable). Until your machine has been transferred, you still have to use your current environment.
3. Homie will notify you as soon as it is ready. Now you can use the new environment and the app (optional) and your payments are automated!

I already have an account in the new portal, what now?
This is not a problem, we will take this into account. Do you have two eg two machines in both portals? Then we make sure that both machines are together.

Do you need advice?

Do you need advice?